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Comprehensive Legal Research Sites

  • Legal Information Institute (Cornell): Academic legal portal. The majority of the material on the site is organized to get you directly to either primary legal resources - cases, codes, state and federal agency information, international materials – or to reputable secondary legal resources.
  • Findlaw: Comprehensive legal research web site, providing legal resources for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals.
  • Hiero Gamos: A site with links to foreign states governmental bodies and laws available on a wide variety of topics. Links are available to law schools, firms, legal associations and discussion groups for each nation.
  • Internet Law Library: Provides links to a large number of legal resources relating to American (federal and state) and foreign laws.
  • Juris: The Legal Education Network
  • LLRX Court Rules, Forms & Dockets: Links to over 1,400 sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets.
  • Thomas: federal legislative information, including bill texts and resolutions. This site features full-text searchable legislation and the Congressional Record from the 101st Congress forward, the Congressional Record Index, bill summaries, the full text of the U.S. Constitution, and how our laws are made.
  • Washlaw: Comprehensive academic legal portal, which includes legal discussion lists, legal directories, DocLaw (Federal law and government documents) and ForIntLaw (foreign, international and United Nations legal materials).


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  • ALA Government Documents Round Table
    Index site run by the ALA Government Documents Round Table-- International Documents Task. It includes hypertext links for both international organizations and foreign governments. The government links, arranged alphabetically by state, are extensive with direct links into governmental subdivisions and notes when the link is to an unofficial source.
  • American Society of International Law
    American Society of International Law's homepage provides information on the activities of the organization. It also has an excellent index and abstract of International and Foreign Law index sites.
  • Australasian Legal Information Institute
    Australasian Legal Information Institute's Index site is organized similar to Findlaw and focuses primarily on legal materials from Asian and Pacific countries. Can be accessed by country or subject area.
  • Avalon Project
    Yale’s Avalon Project is an attempt to create a digital document retrieval cite for primary source material relevant to law, history, economics, politics; diplomacy and government. The documents are arranged primarily by date and then by subject or title within the time period. The documents include hypertext links to other documents within the site.
  • Canadian Legal Information Institute
    The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a not-for-profit organization initiated by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make primary sources of Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet.
  • Coombsweb
    The Coombsweb is sponsored by the Australian National University and includes information on the following Pacific area nations: Indonesia, Tibet, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. It also provides links to a number of related websites.
  • Council of Europe
    Official homepage of the Council of Europe, includes the history and an explanation or the organization. Also includes copies of its treaties and agreements. Has official press releases and newsletters from its various organs.
  • Country Studies Handbooks
    The Library of Congress' Federal Research Division’s Country Studies/Area Handbooks are available full text. Each study can be keyword searched. Information is as current as the publication date of the paper copy.
  • European Union
    EU official homepage it includes information on the organization and its bodies. Press releases, official documents, legal texts, consolidated laws, publications and statistics are among the items available on the site.
  • Fourth World Documentation Project
    Center for Indigenous Studies sponsors this site titled Fourth World Documentation Project. It focuses on the rights and activities of local indigenous peoples around the world. The material is organized in several ways: broad geographic divisions; organizations, UN documents, and Treaties and Agreements. The material is generally available in downloadable format.
  • Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)
    Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) a project of the LC Law Library is in two parts: one includes 50,000+ records of national legislation compiled from the official gazettes, in a keyword searchable database (combination of full text and summaries with index terms assigned by the LC Law Library); 2nd is an index to material available on other websites.
  • Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases
    NYU Law School's comprehensive Foreign and International Law site. Arranged by Subject and Jurisdiction.
  • Guide to International Trade Law Sources on the Internet
    Marci Hoffman's Guide to International Trade Sources on the Internet is a comprehensive site with links to a wide variety of trade related material.
  • Hiero Gamos
    Hiero Gamos is an index site with links to foreign states governmental bodies, laws available on a wide variety of topics. Links are available to law schools, firms, legal associations and discussion groups for each nation. Published by Lex Mundi.
  • Inter-American Human Rights Database
    Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law Database includes information from and about the Inter-American Court of HR. Annual rpts (1970 -- ), case decisions and center publications are available full text.
  • International Court of Arbitration
    International Chamber of Commerce's International Court of Arbitration's homepage includes: rules of court; sample standard clauses for forms of arbritration; and arbitration and conciliation kits. It does not include any decisions.
  • International Court of Justice
    Official Homepage of ICJ it includes an extensive collection of materials: Charter, Statute of the Court; searchable database of Decisions; current Docket; Press releases and general.
  • International Law Commission
    Offical homepage for the International Law Commission it includes: annual reports, yearbooks, documents 1998- , sponsored actions (laws, agreements & conventions), guides to their work and activities.
  • Legal Information Institute
    Legal Information Institute from Cornell Law School. Provides a selective list of Internet addresses intended as a starting point for foreign and international research. Includes ICJ decisions, GATT & UN materials. Can be accessed by topic, geographic region or organization.
  • LLRX International Law Guides
  • National Constitutions
    This site maintained by the Constitutional Society has downloadable copies of numerous countries national constitutions, most with English translations available. Their homepage links to other material from this ultra right wing organization.
  • Organization of American States
    The OAS hompage includes Full Text versions of many OAS Resolutions, Directives, General Assembly Documents,etc. Also contains the OPAC for the OAS Library.
  • Russian and Eastern European Studies Resources
    A comprehensive index to electronic resources on the Balkans, Baltic States, Caucasus, Central Asia & Europe, CIS, Eastern Europe, NIS, Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union. Includes both primary and secondary materials searchable by language, country or subject matter.
  • Statewatch
    The State and Civil Liberties in the EU. This boolean searchable database of over 24K documents monitors: prisons, immigration, racism & fascism, activities of the European Court of Human Rights and other related topics.
  • Terrorism Research Center
    This site, sponsored by the Terrorism Research Center, tracks terrorism, counter terrorism and international crime. It includes full text reports, essays, governmental documents (US and foreign), group profiles and related information. It includes links to other related sites.
  • World Trade Organization
    Homepage for the WTO, it provides information on trade topics, including the status and documents related to dispute settlement under its auspieces. Material is available in full text downloadable format.

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Selected Legal Blogs

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Search Engines

  • Google: This crawler-based service provides both comprehensive coverage of the web along with great relevancy. it also indexes links to a documents in many different formats (e.g. Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Invisible Web: This "search engine of search engines" catalogs 10,000 special-interest search sites on everything from auto racing to zoology.
  • MSN Search
  • Open Directory Project - A web directory
  • Profusion
  • Yahoo

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