Friday, June 6, 2008

General Systems, Gravitation, and the Unified Field Theory

A Collection of Original Papers, Tables, and Diagrams on General Systems, Fractals, Cosmology, Unified Field Theory, Gravity, the Weak Force, Physics and Metaphysics

by John A. Gowan


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What we see is not Nature, but Nature exposed to our method of questioning - W. C. Heisenberg

The conceptual basis of the Unified Field Theory as presented in these pages is summarized below:

"Noether's Theorem" states that in a multicomponent field such as the electromagnetic field (or the metric field of spacetime), symmetries are associated with conservation laws. In matter, light's symmetries are conserved by charge and spin; in spacetime, by inertial and gravitational forces. All forms of energy originate as light; matter carries charges which are the symmetry (and entropy) debts of the light which created it. Charges produce forces which act to return the material system to its original symmetric state, repaying matter's symmetry/entropy debts. Repayment is exampled by any spontaneous interaction producing net free energy, including: chemical reactions and matter-antimatter annihilation reactions; radioactivity, particle and proton decay; the nucleosynthetic pathway of stars, and Hawking's "quantum radiance" of black holes. Identifying the broken symmetries of light associated with each of the 4 charges and forces of physics is the first step toward a conceptual unification. The charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light. Charge invariance is the key to the local action of the forces.
See: the "Tetrahedron Model" (simple version) (complete version).

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