Saturday, July 14, 2007

Government Links

American Goverment Links:

The White House
The House of Representatives
United States Senate
Democratic National Committee
Republican Natinal Committee
Presidents of the United States
Search Executive Orders
Constitutional Finder
The Constitution of the United States
U.S. Constitution Online
Amendments Never Ratified
State Constitutions
To Form a More Perfect Union
The Articals of Confederation-The U.S. Constitution Online
Center for the Study of Federalism
Directory of Federalism Links
The Federalist Papers
Anti-Federalist Papers Index
Natinal Conference of State Legislatures
Natinal Governors Association
National Political index
Roll Call Online
The Federal Reserve System
The Federal Web Locator
American Voter: Rate Your Rep.
Vote Smart
Political Science Resources
The Federal Web Locator
Federal Government Research Links


Foreign Affairs
North American Free Trade Agreement
United Nations
U.S. State Department
U.S. Information Agency
World Bank

Political Science

APSANet: The American Political Science Association On-Line
CAPWEB: The Internat Guide to the U.S. Congress
Congressional Quarterly: Campaign Finance
American Politics
Affirmative Action Special Report
Civil Rights Project
National Organization for Women
Americans United for Affirmative Action
Campaign Finance Information Center
American Civil Liberties Union
Common Cause
The Complete Internet Resercher
The Economist OnLine
Electronic Resources for Political Science
The Gallup Poll
Internet Public Library/Ready Reference Collection
Media Reserch Center
Political Points
Political Science Resources
Political Science and Sociology Online Publications
Political Science Virtual Library
Roper Center for Public Opinion Reserch
Tax Foundaton
Women in Politics


Legal Information Institute
Natinal Center for State Courts
Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1933
Supreme Court Justices of the United States

Georgia Government Links:

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