Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AFRA Family Advocacy To-Do List

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Guardian Ad Litems (GAL)

Right now, the CASA system is packed full of lefty types who believe every word CPS tells them and do whatever the CPS tells them to do.

GOOD PEOPLE of morals, ethics, and faith need to VOLUNTEER to be CASA's and GAL's to really stand up for the child's best interest (which is seldom state custody)

Citizen Review Boards (CRB)

ALL states that receive any CAPTA funding MUST HAVE citizen review boards, and based on the requirements of the funding laws, any state that received over $175,000 MUST HAVE THREE citizen review boards.

These boards HAVE the power to review cases to see if the state agency is complying with state laws and regulations, but I am not aware of any that are doing so

So, we need to promote REAL PEOPLE to be appointed to Citizen Review Boards to start gutting CPS and it's colluding contractors for their crimes against families.

6-18-03 Note from Harry Simpkins- CRB's completely useless

Professionally Trained and Educated Advocates

What is really needed is AN ARMY OF PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED & EDUCATED ADVOCATES! The "awareness" is already here. Current advocates are just too sparse in number.

We need to put together a COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL on Family Advocacy to use in training more Advocates

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