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Table of Contents
I. Answers to Common Questions About Private Information

How to Contact the DHS Information Privacy Official

How Clients Can Obtain Information DHS Has About Them

Complaints about the Handling of Data Requests

How DHS Safeguards Protected Information

DHS Polices and Procedures for Handling Protected Information

II. Overview of the Minnesota Data Practices Act

Classifications of Government Data
Data on Individuals
Data Not on Individuals

Basic Presumptions About Government Data

Public Data
Examples of Public Data

Summary/Research Data

Private Data
Examples of Private Data

Confidential Data
Examples of Confidential Data

Welfare Data
Some Exceptions To Prohibition Against Disclosure of Not Public Data

Employee Access To Data

Notice of Privacy Practices (formerly Tennessen Warning)
Elements of a Notice of Privacy Practices

Format of a Notice of Privacy Practices

When To Give A Notice of Privacy Practices

Examples of When To Give a Notice of Privacy Practices

When a Notice of Privacy Practices Does Not Need To Be Given

Notice of Privacy Practices Form

Informed Consent For Release of Information
Content of Informed Consent Form

Relationship of Informed Consent to the Notice of Privacy Practices

When Signed Consent Form Is Not Required

Consent For Release of Chemical Dependency Data

Requests from Insurance Companies

Obtaining Consent/Authority To Consent

Persons With Mental Retardation Or A Related Condition

Others Who May Consent

Consent for Confidential Information

Duration of Release

Revocation of Release Form

Access To Data By the Public
Inspection of Data

Data With Commercial Value

Computer Storage Medium

Time Limits For Response

Requesting And Providing Summary Data

Preparation of Summary Data

Non-disclosure Agreement Required

Methods For Preparing Summary Data

Denying Access To Data

Requesting Access to Private Information and Complaints About Content of Data Or Handling of Data Requests

Requesting Access to Private Information
General Complaints

Challenges To Accuracy And Completeness of Data

Filing The Challenge

Agency Response To The Challenge

Administrative Appeal

Commissioner of Administration's Response to Appeal

Other Remedies

Copy Costs
2.60 Data Requests and Copy Costs

2.60A Media Addendum to DHS Data Requests Copy Policy

III. Topics Related to Information Privacy





Chemical Dependency

Child Support

Civil Commitment

Computer System/Electronically Maintained Data



Economic Security, Department of


Family Services Collaborative

Foster Care

Guardian, Conservator, Power of Attorney


Law Enforcement


Medical Data

Mental Health Data


Nursing Homes

Ombudsman for Older Minnesotans

Personnel Data

Photographs and Videos

Regional Treatment Center and State Nursing Home Data

Responsible Authority

Revenue, Department of

Social Security

Vulnerable Adults, Maltreatment of

IV. Other Related Topics

Court Orders

Good Practices Tips

Legal Actions

Open Meeting Law

Record Retention and Destruction

V. Forms


Inventory of Forms

Forms DHS Uses

Consent for Release of Information Form

Applications for Temporary Classification

Records Management

Necessary Data

Notice of Privacy Practices

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