Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Table of ContentsChild Maltreatment 2001
Inside Cover
Letter from the Associate Commissioner
Chapter 1 Introduction
Background of NCANDS Annual Data Collection Process Highlights of Findings Structure of the Report Chapter One: Figures and Tables
Chapter 2 Reports
Screening of Referrals Report Sources Response Time from Report to Investigation Investigated Reports CPS Workforce and Workload Supplementary Tables Chapter Two: Figures and Tables
Chapter 3 Victims
Victimization Rates Types of Maltreatment Sex and Age of Victims Race and Ethnicity of Victims Child Maltreatment Recurrence Supplementary Tables Chapter Three: Figures and Tables
Chapter 4 Perpetrators
Characteristics of Perpetrators Victims in Relation to Their Perpetrators Supplementary Tables Chapter Four: Figures and Tables
Chapter 5 Fatalities
Number of Child Fatalities Fatalities by Age and Sex Parental Status of Perpetrators Fatalities by Type of Maltreatment Fatalities by Prior Contact with CPS Supplementary Tables Chapter Five: Figures and Tables
Chapter 6 Services
Preventive Services Postinvestigation Services Factors Influencing the Receipt of Services Supplementary Tables Chapter Six: Figures and Tables
Chapter 7 Additional Research Activities Related to NCANDS
Research Conducted by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Research Conducted by Other Federal Agencies and Departments Research Conducted by Other Organizations Suggestions for Future Research
Appendix A CAPTA Required Data Items
Appendix A: Tables and Figures
Appendix B Glossary
Appendix C Data Submissions and CAF Data Elements
Appendix C: Tables and Figures
Appendix D State Commentary
Appendix E Reader Survey

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