Thursday, August 2, 2007

acts of congress

Current Status Table on Selected Legislation (PDF - concerns banking, finance, economic policy, and federal government operations and personnel policies)
- Final Status Table on Selection Legislation (all in PDF):
- - 109th Congress, 108th Congress, 107th Congress; 106th Congress

Directory of Federal Law Libraries in the D.C. Metropolitan Area

Electronic Sources for Federal Legislative History Documents With Years/Congresses Available (PDF) & (HTML) & Types of Legis. Docs (PDF)

Federal Legislative History Research: A Practitioner's Guide to Compiling the Documents and Sifting for Legislative Intent (PDF version)

Finding and Establishing Direct Links to THOMAS and GPO Access Documents

GPO Congressional Publication Releases (weekly lists of recently published GPO Congressional documents for sale transcribed from a twice daily recording)

Internet and Online Sources of U.S. Legislative and Regulatory Information (PDF)

Laws, Policies & Performance Measures Relating to Federal Agency Web Sites

Laws and Links Related to General Federal Agency Operations

Legislative Histories of Selected U.S. Laws in Electronic Format

An Overview of the Congressional Record and Its Predecessor Publications

Presidential Directives: Background and Overview (CRS Rpt in PDF)
- - also Executive Orders and Proclamations (CRS Rpt in PDF) (locating EO's)

Questions and Answers in Legislative and Regulatory Research (PDF version)

Quick Links to House and Senate Committee Hearings and Other Publications

A Research Guide to the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations (PDF Version)

Schedule of Volumes of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set: 1970 to Current
together with An Overview of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Selected Congressional Research Service Reports on Congress and Its Procedures (also has links to most all other CRS Reports on the Internet)

Selected Telephone Numbers and Web Sites With Useful Legislative Information

Sessions of Congress With Corresponding Debate Record Volume Numbers (1789-2006) (PDF)

State Legislatures, State Laws and State Regulations: Web Site Links and Telephone Numbers

Table of Congressional Publication Volumes and Presidential Issuances
(1789-2005) (PDF) Alternative Table (1932-Present) (PDF)

Union List of Legislative Documents, 1994, 3rd Edition

Union List of Legislative Histories, 2000, 7th Edition and 2002 supplement (information about)

United States Statutes and the United States Code: Historical Outlines, Notes, Lists, Tables, and Sources

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