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Marriage, Women, and the Law

Family law is an evolving discipline, responding directly to profound societal changes which demand powerful legal support.

Since most the state Legislatures amended their Family Law Codes, over a quarter of a century ago, to permit "no-fault" divorce, the number of divorces has soared. Gender roles have multiplied and merged, and children's needs are given top priority. Mediation has emerged as an indispensable tool in settling cases. Joint custody has become the norm rather than the exception. Prenuptial and asset partition agreements are more common. And Texas has become the last state to allow court-ordered alimony.

Some say family law cases will be taken out of the courts and made administrative in nature. Others call for the abolition of no-fault, making divorce more difficult to obtain. Whatever the direction, the constantly changing culture will define family law's responsibility to spouses, parents and children.

"Criminal lawyers see the worst people at their best. Divorce lawyers see the best people at their worst." -- Thomas B. Concannon, Jr. Mayor, City of Newton, and former divorce lawyer

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Divored with Children?

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  • Child Support Compliance correlated to Visitation
  • Listing of all US Offices of Child Support Enforcement
  • Collecting Child Support
  • Texas Child Support Pro Se Manual
  • Child Support Enforcement Forms
  • LookUp Business Directory
  • More Family Law Issues
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  • Let's Talk About Paternity
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  • The Fathering Factor:
    Disproving biological fatherhood down the road may prove academic

    Children Have Rights Too! -- Grandparents Rights, Mothers Without Custody, Parents Without Partners, Stepfamily Association of America.
    Health Benefits under COBRA -- Federal law requires employers' health insurance companies to provide continued coverage to spouses after divorce.

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